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Why you should not share jungle videos

Often times through our growing up years, we would hear about the goose that gave golden eggs, we were taught not to be greedy and kill the goose because the limited supply you have right now also dies...This is what happens when you share and exchange jungle videos with others, there is a reason why we all love jungle videos so much, 2 years ago it would be impossible to even dream of a desi gay porn site let alone these hunky men doing it, now that we have it, our greed has taken over and we wanna hack, share or find a way to get it for free, these videos are not free, the camera, costumes, hotels ,food or the guys are not free, i am sure they cud hav sex with gays off cameras if they wanted to, im sure they need money, that is why they are doing it, so this is what hapens, the production loses money, the quality diminishes and one day when you guys have watched every video that is being shared, junglegstring will be closed because noone bought but everyone watched for free, then you would go back to jerking off to imagining sex with these boy's normal pics and not actualy action as you see now, so support the community, the more people buy, the cheaper the videos will get...its time to pay the source of so many of your fantasies come true, say no to piracy, if you pirate, you are only killing the source of your golden eggs, you can spend 5000 on drinks eveyr weekend but cant spare 2 3 k for your favourite videos?yes you can, support the community, dt be a fool, do the right thing.

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One thought on “Why you should not share jungle videos”

  1. Yes. Absolutely agree. If you find across any video on any adult video sharing site please notify them so that they can take down the video asap. Also I hope JungleGstring hires a guy who exclusively keeps a watch on those websites for any uploaded videos.
    Also dont try to contact models on their social networking sites. If u want to contact them better send an email to the JungleGstring website.

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