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Types of Men Underwear

Understanding the science of male lingerie – Different types of underwear for men So you thought there’s only an industry for women lingerie. But you are wrong! There exists a Victoria secret for men too and this industry is exploding with innovation. Like any other piece of garments, men lingerie too takes in a lot of research, designing and fabric combinations. The idea is to give the best comfort to the men from while he is running, to sitting in a meeting to sleeping. There are different types of men underwear but even those types have various sub variations. We have a brief but then we have a medium-rise, high-rise and low-rise briefs too. So let’s discuss and understand different types of men underwear:
  1. Briefs
The most common choice of men around the world and Jockey made it even more popular. The good thing about briefs is that it covers all the essential parts. They cover the backside of the man and keeps the main package in place. The upper thigh and side of the butts are exposed for some fresh air but it is best choice for those men who would like everything in place. These come in different styles too- low rise, medium rise and high rise.
  1. Boxers
Very good for swimmers and beach boys. These are basically brief only but cover almost half of the thigh area. They provide good cover and support to the main part and ideal for wearing during workouts, sports and cycling sessions.
  1. Trunks
These are becoming a popular choice among men nowadays. A trunk is a mix of a boxer and a brief. Just like a boxer, it covers your thigh but is half risen than a boxer. And just like a brief provides good support and cover to the penis. If you like briefs but need a change- then surely you should switch to trunks. The square cut that it offers, make a men look super-hot without his pants on.
  1. Bikinis
So you thought bikinis are for women only? Men bikinis are designed if you are a good swimmer or need a tanning on your butts. Ofcourse with more coverage than gstrings and jockstrap, bikinis are much more acceptable in public. Body builders and fighters are usually dressed up in bikini bottoms.
  1. Jockstrap
Probably the best choice if you need extra support for your king! Jockstraps provide complete frontal cover and protection but leave your butts exposed. They push the penis upwards and slightly away from the body. This keeps your scrotum cool and more hygienic compared to other briefs. Also just like a push up bra, it makes the whole area more tempting and attractive under your jeans.
  1. G-strings
And here comes the biggest one- the G-string! You surely need a chiselled body for this but more than that you need courage to carry this. G-strings are definitely the minimum an underwear can go. A thin string of fabric that connects to the pouch in front but leaves your whole butts exposed. It is surely for the men who love fun and excitement both in daylight and at night. A G-string is supportive, super comfortable, sexy, and erotic but it is definitely a choice of perfect underwear.

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