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The unforgettable first love

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Sometimes when in life you find someone with whom you fall in love , and who also loves you , you feel fulfilled ..Because you realize that its not just lust , but love that binds you together.. First love of life is almost unforgettable , until the end of life and sometimes follow you beyond the portals of death …

When you love someone deeply and enjoy him physically too , that love becomes deeply engraved in your brain … so much so that you see beautiful dreams of love and acts of love with that person …

Such dreams becomes more intense and numerous after a break up .

A break – up usually happens when either one or both had selfish motives underlying friendship …

The Prince who made up his mind not to meet and remember his Gay scientist friend , finds himself unable to forget the latter .. he dreams of being with him .. and also have hallucinations of having sex with him .. His life has come to standstill , while he drowns his memories of lost love in glasses of wine … Dur – 21m

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