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My HOT interview with a POPULAR ACTOR

I'm a journalist, so as a part of my job I happen to collide with many personalities. Bumping into celebrities is like a routine for me. However, not every interview I go turns out to be quite legendary. This story is about one such legend... wait for it...ary interview that I could never forget.
So once I went to interview this extremely popular TV actor, whom you all must be fantasizing daily. So did I! (Not guilty).
I went on his set and since he was shooting I literally had to stay there for the whole day. As the sun, sat and my patience drained, the actor finally wrapped up the shooting.
Once I arrived, he clearly told me that he'll only do the interview once he gets free from the shoot and would not let the interview hamper the shooting. When I walked towards him, his eyes were enigmatic. His lips were pink and his fair skin was shining more due to the makeup. His voice had that base which would make any guy feel gullible. His body was toned enough to be visible from a three-layered suit.
So the day past and it was dark, He finally wrapped up the shoot around 7 pm. It was getting late for me since I had to travel far.
Nonetheless, he called me in his vanity van. During this whole time, I was just thinking of my interview, as I wanted to create an impact.  I knocked his door and he asked me to come in.
As I entered, he was changing his clothes. He was removing his shirt precisely. I apologized and said, I'll enter later. However, he said, no worries come in, there's nothing for me to hide.
It was like one of those conversations that happen in the locker room.
I entered and stood there. While removing his shirt, he got stuck somehow. Yeah call it a daily soap script, but it happened, indeed.
He was struggling to remove the shirt, so he asked me if I can help, not verbally but just with his eyes.
I walked towards him, the vanity rooms are usually small and compact, as I moved closer to him, his struggling arm hit my chest. He said I'm sorry and I started helping him. I was behind him while his face was opposite me.
I touched his half bare shoulders. Shoulders hard like a rock. Somehow, I was helping him but my eyes were just on his neck. I have always had a weird attraction for the neck area which conjoins with the shoulder. His fade haircut made it look hotter.
I removed his shirt and there he was shirtless in front of me. The actor I always fantasized was shirtless in front of me. He flipped, thanked me and started removing his watch and other makeup.
While my eyes shifted from his neck towards his shirtless body. His chest, his nipples, everything was piece beautifully sculpted by him that one would adore for hours and hours.
While I was looking sorry staring at him, he flipped his eyes caught the stalker mine. He walked closer to me. My heartbeats rushed, the blood in my body was pumping and my knees started shivering. He came close to me.  His bare torso touched the clothed body of mine. He was now so close that I could feel his breath...
What happened next? For that comment below and stay glued because Part two is on the way.
Also, comment below regarding what do you think? Did something happen between the two? Is this story real or fictional?All of it will be answered in part 2.

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