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Gay Cruising in Mumbai

Mumbai is truly an extraordinary city and has a special place in my heart. As a 22 year old, fresh out of college, I was starved sexually and emotionally for quite a long time. From my dusty town in the south to the bustling metropolis of the west, it was quite the jump. I didn't choose Mumbai; it just happened to be the place where my firm sent me and I went along with it. Best decision ever. The concept of 'Cruising' essentially exists to find someone for quick fun; the fuck and forget variety. I was lonely and didn't really like the concept of hookups through social media. Cruising gives you something that you don't get online- thrill! The local trains in Mumbai are jam-packed, with every one still refusing to believe that there isn't any more space! The result? You are in constant physical contact with at least 4 people. The ideal cruising arena. In the initial days, I was afraid that someone would flick my mobile, so I would always keep a hand near my front pocket. One day as usual I was standing as usual resting my back on the coach's, one hand on the hand support above and one hand near my pocket. The train stopped at a station and the familiar sea of people pushed into the train. A very cute hunk, mid to late 20s, came and stood next to me. The human that I am, I tend to admire beautiful creations and this guy was a freaking perfect specimen of what a man should be (well by my standards). Broad shoulders, dusky complexion, a black shirt with two buttons open, offering a peek into what appeared to be a slightly hairy but chiseled chest. But the show stealer was a handsome face with slight stubble, luscious lips and light brown eyes with magic in them. Don’t even get me started on the sexy undercut.. Believe me when I say that it was unintentional, but the back of my palm brushed up against his groin. I freaked! What if he thought I was molesting him or something?!..he would yell at me in front of everyone..I would be lynched by the crowd...I know! I know!, I become paranoid at times. With a sudden burst of courage, I looked up to the roof as if nothing happened. A minute passed. No response.  I got away with it...Or did I?? be continued

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