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Boarding School Sexcapades : The Vacation Incident I

It wasn’t just in school that I got to flex my skills. By the time I was 15, I had become very well-versed in the ways of a man’s pleasure. And come the summer vacation, it became extremely hard to not engage in some kind of intimacy for two whole months, and I wasn’t used to what they now call gay-cruising, and the internet was still a distant and alien concept used only occasionally for looking up naked pictures of Hollywood actors. I remember oh so many nights spent rubbing one out to an image of Daniel Radcliffe in the play Equus, where he was naked for an extended scene. But apparently the stars had better plans for me. During the third week of the vacation, one of my brother’s friends came over for two days. My house had just been renovated, and a housewarming was in order, so he had decided to come over and help out. Vishnu was his name, and he was a year able me in school, and happened to sleep across from me the last year (he and my brother had passed out of the school, and I was going for my last.) When my brother dropped the news that Vishnu was coming over, there was a flutter in my belly, surprising as I had never really thought of him in a sexual nature. I remembered that he used to sleep in a lungi every night, and sometimes in the mornings I woke up to the sight of his milky-white bubble butt poking out of the undone piece of clothe. And there were occasions when one of his classmates spent some time in his bed at night or the whole night, but I had never given it much consideration. But maybe it was the lack of sexual gratification, and the prospect of another five weeks without any sex, that I suddenly found myself interested in him, wondering how he would look naked in the light and not in the dimness of a cold rainy sunrise. I knew he had a nice ass, and I had always been a fan of big butts, and he was also relatively cute. He was very fair and virtually hairless, and just the thought of seeing him possibly in his briefs made me hard. I was surprised, and anticipatory. When he did arrive. He was just as cute as he had ever been. That first evening was without much incident. It was raining quite hard, and by six in the evening the power had gone out. We all gathered in the drawing room, and chatted about school and holidays, and laughed and chided. And then we went to bed, as we had an extremely early day because of the puja. He next morning, I positioned myself next to Vishnu as we seated ourselves on the ground around the fire. I felt electricity pass between us throughout the ceremony. My fingers graced his calf, then I got bolder and one of them managed to trace a line down his ass. He didn’t react, nor did he pull away his leg from me. But we were surrounded by my family, so I dared not go further. But I decided that I would do all I could to seduce him. Later that day, we went out to have a swim in the river. He didn’t know how to swim so he stayed very close to the shore, but my brother and I had grown up swimming daily in the stream near our house and occasionally in the river, so we had much fun. Even more fun was the constant sight of Vishnu fumbling with his towel, the thin white fabric always coming undone in the turbulence of the water, and I got a good look at his lovely milky thighs and even a hint at the darker blur between. I’m sure he knew I was looking, and perhaps that added to his fumbling fingers, and when he stated soaping himself, I made sure t swim right next to him, stealing glances as he lathered up between his thighs and his cheeks. The sight of the soap covered bubble-butt started to get me hard again, so I swam out so that I didn’t embarrass myself. Then when it came time to change out of the wet clothes, we found ourselves the last ones left, as my brother and the cousins had already changed and decided to go hang out at a distant relation’s house in the area. So here we were, wet and shivering, standing in nearly see-through towels near the car. My eyes roved over his body as we towelled ourselves dry. His nipples were pert, having been in the cold water, and I could see the goose-bumps on his skin. My eyes slid down, I followed a droplet of water as it slid own his torso. He was completely hairless, and the droplet connected the dots with other clear droplets on its steady trek downwards, and finally vanished into the darkness of is light bush. That was when I noticed that he had undid his towel and was drying his privates. I looked up to see his eyes on my own body, and I almost blushed when I realised that I had popped a hard-on. I quickly readjusted myself so that my erection wasn’t pointing straight out at him. Our eyes met. He smiled. I did too. Then I realised that he too was holding a palm over his hard-on, struggling to keep it hidden under the translucent fabric. As we pulled on our dry clothes on, I thought I saw a hint of his dick, hard, but it vanished as soon as it saw the light as we heard the sound of the others came back. I knew then that I had a definite chance with him. Not here, not now, but perhaps later if the circumstances allowed. I would be ready, I told myself. I would get him.     D you like what I write? Do you want more? Explicit or softcover? Do comment below and let me know.

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