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Boarding School Escapades IV : Soaped Up (Part II)

"Oops, I think you missed a spot” I said softly, and took his palms in mine, and pulled him close to me, and wrapped them around my body and placed them on my ass, my erection now pressed up against his. My eyes bore into his. I let go of his hands. They stayed. I wrapped my arms around him now, and slipped my fingers finally under the elastic of his waistband and grabbed handfuls of his ass. They were far more pliable than I had expected, and I jiggled them a moment. This was right. This felt great. Now he found his courage, and before I knew it, he had pulled off my towel, and I stood before him in all my naked glory. This was unusual for me, because usually all my sexcapades happened at night, in the cover of darkness, in warm beds. Now here we were, wet and horny, hard and hot, seeing each other’s goosebumps under the trickling water and rapidly vanishing soap bubbles. My dick throbbed at him, inviting and ready. I saw his hardness pressing laboriously against his too tight briefs. I was only too happy to oblige. I knelt down before him, and his eyes grew big. I pressed my face close to his groin, and my teeth grabbed the elastic of the underwear, and as he watched, I crept them down his thighs, his boner jumping out at me and nearly slapping me in my face. Once I had pulled off his briefs completely off him, I stood up. His hands were back on my ass. I pressed my lips to his. His eyes were open, still, and it seemed like he had forgotten how to breathe. I kissed him deep, my lips caressing his, my tongue slowly parting them and finding the wetness within. He understood, and reciprocated, the kiss deepening. Then his hunger burst its floodgates and he grabbed me hard, pressing himself against me and backing me on to the wet walls of the cubicle. His lips were hungrily tasting mine, his arms kneading and pressing my asscheeks, my lovehandles, and my belly. My hands were busy trying to grab as much as they could of the magnificent orbs of his behind. I rand a finger between them, and found him moaning as it circled the wet, inviting rosebud. I bit him lightly on his neck, and then his nipples were in my mouth. He was biting his lips when I looked up, my right hand now tugging at his hard dick. It was shorter than mine, maybe 6” but was almost twice as thick, and uncut. I started to jerk him off with that hand, while my other hand was carefully circling his crack, every now and then dipping in to his hole, loosening it up bit by bit. Then He bent down and took me in his mouth. His inexperienced mouth was on my hardness, his lips working on the head. |He was no expert cockcucker, and he didn’t seem to enjoy it much, but he still sucked me off well enough, though he used a little too much teeth for my liking.

I lifted him off the ground, kissed him once more, and turned him around, getting down on my knees. The ass, the biggest, juiciest peach I had ever seen, was staring right at my. I gave it a slap and watched as the cheeks jiggled and danced. I took a nibble at them and he moaned. I grabbed the cheeks in both palms and kneaded them, parting them as I did. His hole was tight and pink, welcoming and wet. I pressed my face between the cheeks and took a lick. He whimpered. My left hand made its way to his dick, and I started to jerk him off while my tongue, lips and teeth ravished his booty. He moaned and breathed heavily as I ate him out, every second while my free hand grabbed every inch of those cheeks. I felt him start to tighten, and I knew he was about to cum. Hi breathing began to get faster, his kegs started to twitch, and his back arched as my tongue worked its magic on his hole, and then, it started to open and close in quick succession. He let put a muffled cry, as his warm jizz shot out from his dick on to the wall, his ass muscles contracting on my face. I kept licking. As his breathing eased, his body loosened, and I rubbed soap between his cheeks. My dick was throbbing hard, ready to welcome sweet release. I slid it between his cheeks, and pressed in, and slipped myself deep in him. He moaned louder. I felt his warmth wrap around my, and I started to move. In and out, up and down, I started to fuck him well and good, and I watched as his ass jiggled and bobbed each time my groin slammed into him. I grabbed him by the waist, each thrust getting a little deeper and harder, his ass driving me wild with lust. Slap. Slap. Slap. My groin rammed into his cheeks, each slap sending thrills of heat through me. And before I knew it, the heat raced within me, and I felt myself empty inside him, warm and wet. By the time I was done, he was pressed right on to the wall, me wrapped tight around him, both spent and exhausted.

I pulled out, and we cleaned ourselves out under the shower, barely looking at each other, trying not to look at each other. As I walked out from the showers, I turned around at him.

“I’ll be waiting till the next time you soap me up, okay?”

He smiled. I grinned back. That was the beginning of a truly wonderful sexual relationship, and an even better friendship.

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