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Boarding School Escapades IV : Soaped Up (Part I)

My sexual adventures with Suraj where accidental. I had no particular interest in him sexually, even though we had been housemates most of our years in the boarding school. I was an ace student, and he was a notorious slob who was far from even the middling crowd when it came to academics. But he was funny, and sometimes a bit weird, and always good fun to be around. In looks also he was nothing special to look at. He was fit, like most of us were. Because we all kept fairly active all the time, and he played football every day in the evening.  He was considerably shorter than me, and darker too. He had a soft oval face, neither too oblong nor round, with big eyes, a button nose and big lips. He was always quick to laugh and almost impossible to get mad, so we got along well enough. It wasn’t until the 9th standard that we really had an opportunity to interact beyond regular circumstances. That year, I was chosen to lead the NCC troop of ours in my second year with it, and he was my second-in-command. As such, we had the responsibility to train the new recruits and hold the parade practices twice a week. It was during these sessions that we became better acquainted with each other. After the weekly parade practices, we would go back to our dorm and take showers, and then had the night study hours in our classrooms. But the great thing was, our showers were a little later than the others, who would have come back from the daily games sessions from the school ground at least a half hour before us. So by the time we finally made it to the bathrooms, all the stalls in the junior bathrooms would be filled, while the seniors would have yet to start theirs. So we ended up sharing the one stall with a lock in the senior’s bathroom twice a week. At first it was about convenience; we had the privacy of the locked stall to ourselves, and could use it without being disturbed by the others and showering together meant half the time to spend so we could both be out before the seniors started coming in. It was during these shared showers that I noticed that Suraj had a big ass. It wasn’t just big, it was also perky and round, and in his always too-tight briefs, they looked like two scoops of chocolate ice-cream. They poked out from the straps of his briefs, almost ready to burst out from the constraints of the very thin fabric. When he turned around, one could imagine resting a whole pencil box over those big bulging glutes. When he tied the thin white towels around his waist, they always rode up a bit around his back and the shape was extremely apparent, even the slight dimples on the cheeks shown in relief. One time, I was the first one in the shower, and was already done soaping myself and washing it off by the time he came knocking. I let him in, and he was in his usual basically see-through towel, which he quickly ripped off to stand there in his tight green briefs under the shower-head. I was stalling from completing my bath and getting out, taking in as much of his lovely ass in the wet undies as I could with my horny teen eyes. As he started to apply soap to himself, I noticed that he was having some trouble reaching most of his spine, because of his shorter arms and the weird angle. Inspiration struck me. “Hey, maybe I can help you with that” I said, grabbing the soap from him and slowly soaping his hard to reach regions. “Oh, thanks man. It’s always so fucking hard to get all that area without dislocating a shoulder or something” He chuckled, as my fingers made circular patterns on his shoulders, and slowly rubbed their way down his spine. I let my palms wander all over his back. Moving down from his shoulders, lathering up the soap and rubbing it all the way down to the small of his back, and in back and forth motions, across the part slightly bulging over the waistband of his briefs. I occasionally let my hands slip slightly and breach the uncharted territories beyond the waistband, and each time my fingers grazed over the flesh just above his curve, I felt his breath catch. By this time, I was fully tenting my towel (I never bathed wearing underwear), and I thought it prudent to stop before my boner impaled him. I rearranged myself slightly so that the hardness wouldn’t be so obvious and handed him the soap. “There you go, all soaped up.” I tried to sound as casual as possible, while my heart was hammering away like a freight train about to burst through my chest. “Oh, yeah, um, okay” He mumbled. As he turned around I stepped under the jet of cold water, so that there wouldn’t be any awkward moment there. Then, as I turned down the water and felt around for the soap, I felt his palm on my shoulder, and I nearly gasped. “Looks like you missed the spot too” He said, as he carefully and slowly started to caress my back with the soap suds separating our warm, tingly skin. His hands were much more tentative than mine had been. They spent a lot of time on my shoulders and it was a while before they slid down my back and started on my lower back. My towel was tied really tight, so there was no way for him to sneak his fingers down further than the small of my back, but he was smart. I felt his hands slowly moving in wider and wider circles, and eventually, they were lathering soap on my tummy as well as my back. When his palms grazed over my belly, I involuntarily drew in my breath, and took a step back and found my ass touch something very warm and hard. His fingers slowly and meticulously soaped every part of my torso, while my back was pressed against his torso, his erection pressing urgently against my cheeks. I felt his warm breath on my neck and felt him lick his lips, as his palms now stayed around the area below my bellybutton and barely above my raging boner, which was struggling to creep out from the thin, wet prison it was bound by. I knew he wanted to take the jump and grab me, but was far too reticent to do so. Perhaps this was his very first experience of something so carnal and erotic, I didn’t know. I was an old-hand at this. I decided to ease him into it. I turned around to face him. His eyes were filled with a kind of terrified urgency, his indecision clearly writ across his tight face, with his lips slightly parted and his breathing laboured. “Oops, I think you missed a spot” I said softly, and took his palms in mine, and pulled him close to me, and wrapped them around my body and placed them on my ass, my erection now pressed up against his. My eyes bore into his. I let go of his hands. They stayed. I wrapped my arms around him now, and slipped my fingers finally under the elastic of his waistband and grabbed handfuls of his ass. They were far more pliable than I had expected, and I jiggled them a moment. This was right. This felt great

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