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Boarding School Escapades III

It took for him to be away from me for a year for me to finally realise that this was not merely physical. We had a student exchange program in our school, and he had been one of those who had been migrated to another location of our school for a year, and in that year, his absence opened up my eyes to the fact that I was very much attracted to him regardless of our physical relationship, and also that I was sexually attracted to people of my own gender. Usually, we limited our carnal relations to our torsos and lips, kissing and licking each other’s body with eagerness, only our hands venturing far enough to handle the throbbing heat below the waist, and even then, there was chasteness in our interactions that was quite surprising now that I look back, considering it went on for well over 2 years. But after the holidays after he came back from the exchange year, we were unsure. Did he still want me? Was there still that hunger in him to taste me, was he still inclined to take me in his arms and drive me insane with his tongue once again, or had he grown out of that phase and I was merely hanging on to a dead horse? The first few days back were agonizing for me, because we barely interacted with each other. In the time he was absent, I had fooled around with two others in my own year, and neither of them were as adventurous as him, nor were they identical to him so that I didn’t need him anymore. They gave me pleasure in different ways, but I still wanted him, and I was terrified that he didn’t see me with those same eyes that undressed me during boring classes a year ago. It was a week before he came to me. It was, once again, raining cats and dogs outside, and I had laid down to sleep like any other night, but I felt him climb into my bed a few minutes after the lights had gone out. I felt his urgency, a kind of urgency I had never felt in him before, and it aroused me like never before. The rain was pounding outside, drowning out my moans and his as he almost ripped away my shirt and kissed me hard. The clothes seemed to vanish all too quickly and he was straddling me, his hungry lips battling mine, his right hand working on my chest and his left hand firmly around my cock. He kissed my face, my neck, my chest, and my nipples were devoured with a fierce hunger that seemed to have been aroused and kept alive for months. And before I knew it, his warm lips wrapped themselves around my cock. It felt weird, the wetness and the warmth mingling as his mouth worked its way up and down the erect shaft and throbbing head, and I felt these unknown sensations rippling through me. There was a tingling, an unrecognizable feeling of pleasure that I could not name, but that which I knew I could never no give up on. I don’t know if I were the first person he had taken in his mouth, or if he had gotten some practice, but whatever he was doing was something I knew I would need from him. I wanted him to feel what he made me feel, so I flipped him over and laid him down and my mouth found its way to his cock. It wasn’t huge, but just the right size for my teenage mouth. I pushed back his foreskin. I expected wetness and an uncomfortable taste. But it was just tender flesh, with just the slightest hint of salt. I used my mouth and tongue as best as I knew, up and down, over and under the head. I licked his shaft from tip to root, and sucked on the sensitive head and watched him arch his back, his fingers digging into my shoulders. I realised this was something I would be eager to do for him, and he for me. We took turns sucking each other off that night. Our sweat mingled, our bodies on fire, our throats full of each other’s throbbing heat, and once spent, we slept wrapped in each other’s arm through the night for the first time. It felt right. It felt wonderful. It felt like a new chapter, one that I knew would take me places I had never even imagined before. I had no idea of what I was getting into.

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