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Boarding School Escapades II

For over a year, we met in the nights, under the cover of the dark and sleeping dorm. His bed was our refuge, his arms my pleasure house. He had de...

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Boarding School Escapades I

We were classmates and shared the dorm. In the secluded environs of the boarding school, is there any surprise that we ended up in each other’s arms...

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Gay Cruising in Mumbai

Mumbai is truly an extraordinary city and has a special place in my heart. As a 22 year old, fresh out of college, I was starved sexually and emot...

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My HOT interview with a POPULAR ACTOR

I'm a journalist, so as a part of my job I happen to collide with many personalities. Bumping into celebrities is like a routine for me. However, no...

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Why you should not share jungle videos

Often times through our growing up years, we would hear about the goose that gave golden eggs, we were taught not to be greedy and kill the goose beca...

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